Alleviating Migraine Therapy

Whenever you experience headaches, you would normally want to have a rest and take some medication to ease the pain. Most of the time, the occurrence of these headaches is usually caused by stress. They could also occur if someone has a cold or the flu. Bad posture and eyesight problems can likewise contribute to the existence of headaches.

But headaches can be further categorised into numerous types. One type of headache that is typically experienced by a lot of people is migraine. Migraine causes severe throbbing pain or a pulsing sensation on the head, with episodes that can occur and last for hours or even days.

Triggers of Migraine Episodes

What is troubling about migraine episodes is that they can actually affect and interfere with the daily activities of those who have them. Once the migraine occurs, one could usually feel the throbbing pain on the head as well as other symptoms like nausea, vomiting, and sensitivity to light and sound.

The primary causes of migraine attacks are still not determined fully. However, some elements can most likely trigger the occurrence of migraine episodes. For one, getting stressed at work or home is believed to be one of the triggers of migraine episodes. Intense physical exertion can likewise trigger the throbbing pain on the head. Hormonal changes in women, which are heightened before or during menstrual periods, pregnancy, and menopause, can also be the reason behind migraine.

Other known triggers of migraine episodes include drinking too much alcohol or coffee, getting exposed to bright light, sun glare, loud sounds, and strong smells, missing or getting too much sleep, taking certain types of medications, eating processed food, and skipping meals.

Treating Migraine Episodes

Fortunately, migraine episodes and their accompanying symptoms can be treated with specific medications and remedies. Pain-relieving medications can be taken during migraine episodes so they can effectively eradicate migraine symptoms. Preventive medications, alternatively, are taken regularly to reduce the frequency as well as the severity of migraine episodes.

Lifestyle and home remedies can also be done to alleviate and stop migraine episodes. Taking a nap can be a great way of stopping migraine attacks. Placing a cool cloth or ice pack wrapped in a cloth on the forehead or at the back of the neck can likewise relax people who have a migraine. Other practices that can mitigate migraine symptoms include having a consistent sleeping routine, trying relaxation techniques, drinking plenty of water, and exercising regularly.

Bowen Therapy as a Remedy

One alternative way of alleviating migraine episodes is to undergo Bowen therapy. It is a gentle therapy that utilises thumbs and fingers in stretching the fascia or the soft tissue that covers all the muscles and organs. Stretching the said part can stimulate the nervous system and promote pain relief, which can be truly counter migraine episodes. At one point in the whole therapy session, a therapist will leave the room for periods of two to five minutes, giving the body enough time to respond to the stretching actions.

To ensure that your migraine episodes will be alleviated, feel free to call us at Good Bowen Therapy.

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