Way Pain

The Antidote to “Sitting and Standing Disease”.

Prolonged sitting victims are like; truck drivers, office workers, watching TV, playing digital games or standing in one place for prolonged time is very unhealthy. First and most common condition this people will earn is shallow breathing. This conditions will grow like a “Three” with a lot of brunches. Shallow breading is a foundation for; anxiety, stress, tight Jaws, neck pain, headache, depression and problems just multiples. That is very scary. Kids, adults, young person or older one. No one is spared. We are all victims of this “Sitting Disease”.

Good Bowen Therapy have solutions.



Migraines, headaches, balance, dizziness, hay fever, watery eyes, sinusitis and breathing are all related conditions! Different people respond differently to different triggers.

Common triggers include; neck, head and jaw muscle tension, back pain, emotion, stress, lack of sleep, and certain foods and beverages.



Established more than 6 years ago, Good Bowen Therapy is the solution to your musculoskeletal pains.