Body to Heal Itself

Most people who would experience pain and other related discomforts on their bodies would initially seek the help of doctors and medical practitioners to obtain the needed medication or treatment. While the solutions provided by medical professionals are truly effective and scientific, there are also other ways of empowering the body that can easily heal any pain, discomfort, and other body problems.

One way of healing one’s body is through Bowen therapy. Named after Tom Bowen, it is a form of bodywork that entails the gentle stretching of the fascia to promote pain relief. This bodywork has been known to many as a way of healing one’s health, helping it become more popular as time passes by.

Healing the Body with Bowen Therapy

Fascia, which is the soft tissue that covers the organs and muscles of the body, is stretched gently by the therapist during the Bowen therapy process. As this specific part is moved, the body system would gradually recover from the pain that one may have experienced for a long time. The precise, rolling hand movements of the therapist during the bodywork promotes the healing of the body.

Unlike other forms of body treatment, Bowen therapy is intended to be non-invasive and stress-free. The hand movements that are being done by this bodywork can easily stimulate energy flow that will subsequently activate the body’s ability to heal and recover. The addition of occasional pauses during the therapy session then gives the body enough time to respond from all the received hand movements.

The pauses are integral to the whole healing process since they allow the body to initiate the repair process. As the therapist leaves for a few minutes, the brain will send specific signals to the stimulated area to respond. This response is often considered to be the healing point of Bowen therapy.

Addressing Common Body Problems

Bowen therapy has shown to have addressed numerous problems in the body, particularly on the back, hips, neck, and frozen shoulders. The bodywork has also resolved arm movement restrictions, strain injuries, abnormal posture, respiratory illness, asthma symptoms, migraines, and headaches.

While this type of bodywork is deemed to be harmless, one should still follow some rules before, during, and after the treatment. A few days before the treatment, one should avoid any types of bodywork so that the upcoming treatment can truly unlock the healing potential of the body. During the treatment, alternatively, one should drink a lot of water. Avoid exercising too much or taking hot or cold showers, especially if the painful area is not yet treated.

After the treatment, one should call the therapist if they have encountered some problems or side effects. Drinking a lot of water after the treatment can also help in eliminating all the toxins found inside the body.

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