The Pelvic girdle forms the connection and is also responsible for the transfer of load between the lumbar spine (lover back) and the legs. The sacroiliac joint is the largest axial joint in the body and an integral part of the pelvic girdle. (Sacral is placed between left and right hip) There is very little movement of the sacrum between pelvic sides.

In Bowen therapy, the biomechanics and neuromuscular dynamics of the pelvic girdle will be considered. It is of utmost importance to keep this area in good order. Effectively addressed pelvic girdle dysfunction will establish body symmetry to the patients.

Ankles and Achilles tendon imperfection, can vary much influence Pelvic condition or symmetry. Other-words have grate influence on pelvic proper functionality.



Sciatica may come from disc degenerative change in the lumbar and sacral area or a disc bulge pressing against the nerve root. This pain running down the back, thigh, leg and foot. Pain is caused by irritation of the sciatic nerve at its root in the spine, the lower back, or sacral area.

It is common for sciatica to result from some overly tight muscle/s, at Hip area, that are making pressure on the sacral nerve. Body functional asymmetry is also to blame. It could be as simple as that one small muscle down the back of the leg pressurising the sciatic nerve. That is sometimes good news.

Good Bowen’s technique reaching the simple and positive solution.



Tennis elbow, golfer’s elbow, carpal tunnel and shoulder pain usually present themselves as a side effect of inflammation and muscle overuse from strenuous work positions or consistent elbow medial rotation.

Just like with Shoulder. This condition/s are side effect of repetitive work. Result is overuse of Elbow muscles. Many times repetitive work is done by using hands in wrong positions to lift, carry and turn. Also fall or trauma are common to any age.

Good Bowen Therapy has the holistic solution to elbow related pain. CARPAL TUNNEL SYNDROME

The nerve passage inside the wrist is named the carpal tunnel. Sometimes the passage get interrupted by hand work overuse or fall. Build-up of inflammation around and in the tunnel resulting in swelling what placing pressure on the nerves. That painful condition is known as carpal tunnel syndrome. Numbness, pins and needles are solid signs that carpal tunnel syndrome is in present.

Good Bowen Therapy have the specific techniques for treating carpal tunnel.

Carpal tunnel surgery leaving scare. Sometime after surgery, scare grooving wide and deeper in area of surgery and creating “scare tissue”. The tissue get wider and harder than other surrounding tissues. That brings different kind of pain and unhappy experience.

Good Bowen uses specific, gentle therapy to release scare tissue.


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