Neck disorders create a lot of unhealthy and unwanted conditions that are the result of body functional asymmetry. Conditions as; Headache, pain down the body, Scoliosis, breading difficulties, Dizziness, Neck’s popping or grinding sound and more. It can also cause imperfections right down the feet.

Neck disorder is a great deal condition. Do not delay!

Please, give attention to young ones. Is the neck straight? Are His/hers shoulders in level?

If shoulders are not in level, that can create Scoliosis.

If Hips are not in level, Scoliosis start to build up. And many health issues with that.

The neck is the most mobile part of the spine, and has a great range of movement (ROM). But also vary worn able. Good Bowen techniques are safe. No spine or neck manipulation required!



Shoulders are one of the most mobile joints in the human body, but they can easily become interrupted by body functional asymmetry. There are more than 20 muscles that affect the correct functioning of your shoulders. Just like in carpal tunnel syndrome, shoulders are very sensitive to repetitive movements and work conditions.

As soon you feel any light interruptions in your shoulder movements, act immediately to avoid unwanted pain and a long-lasting problem. Scapular, or shoulder blades, are one of the most important components of the shoulder structure. I have come across conditions where the left and right shoulder blades have up to 5 centimetres out of level. Also in some case, arms have become rotated or inverted by 90 degrees. Some was not able to lift them up to horizontal level.


Bursitis, or inflammation of a bursa

is a common cause of shoulder, elbow, hip and knee pain. As we now shoulders have a great mobility and with that is coming a great risk for stability. A shoulder has 5 joints. That is another good reason why is a lot of different injuries on shoulder. The most common area of problem is Sub Acromial space. Usually related to shoulder impingement of the bursa between rotator cuff tendons by Sub Acromial bone. This condition is side effect of repetitive work, overuse of shoulder muscles. Many times repetitive work is done by using hands in wrong positions to lift and turn. Also fall or trauma are common to any age.

Frozen Shoulder

is not same as a Rotator Calf, tares and impingement. It is completely different. Rotator calf tars are common, impingement is common but frozen shoulder are not common. It is big deal condition. Pain is usually intense. Anti-inflammatory and pain medication or steroids dose not touch it. There is a specific therapy for this condition. With Frozen Shoulder condition, person can make simple move only. That move is, to keep elbow on the ribs and bring the food to the mouths. Nothing more but that.


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